Friday, June 13, 2008


I taught Briggy how to meditate, & it is so funny!! I have to cross his legs & then he puts his hands up & goes "mmmmmm"! It is so cute

The meditating came in handy, when Briggy was sick we told him to meditate while we took his temperature! It was soo cute, but his fever got up to 104!!! Poor man - man!!


  1. Oh, poor little Briggy man! I hope you got his fever's so scary when they get that high. I love how he's meditating while your Mom is taking his temp - too cute!

  2. Poor BB! I hope he's all better now! I'll have to teach Gavin how to do that...wait, 1st, will you teach me how to meditate, so I can teach my kids how to too?! That will help! (Especially in Sacrament Meeting! Or will everyone be looking at us funny?!)

  3. Oh poor Briggy! I feel bad for him, even though the meditating was SO cute!