Monday, August 4, 2008

Oregon Coast!!!

We went to the beautiful Oregon Coast last week with the Ross', & had sooo much fun! The water was so pretty, & was the coldest water I have ever felt! We stayed in a hotel right by the ocean, & then went to a beautiful Beach House after that!

There is the pretty ocean behind us!

Us posing, so fun!
Us & the pretty Ocean!!

Thank you Pat & Jen, We had so much fun! We love ya!


  1. We had such a good time with you and your family! The Oregon Coast was even more beautiful with you guys there! Thanks so much for sharing that fun vacation with us! We love you! PS: Did you talk your parents into getting Monopoly? We'll have to play that the next time we see you!

  2. you guys are lucky to be able to go there! It looks way pretty and fun!

  3. What gorgeous pictures! I love all your poses with the beatiful background! How fun to get to go with Jen and Pat, who look fantastic in that picture too!

  4. i luv your blog
    love emily